About Us

Who We Are:

3rd Shift Brain is operated by myself, David, and my beautiful wife Susan, who has been a 3rd shift Respiratory Therapist for 7 years at a hospital in Indiana. We were sitting around one night thinking about what niche to start a business in and we realized that there wasn't really an apparel website whose sole focus was Respiratory Therapists, so we decided to start our own! And since we began, this website has become our passion. We're always trying to think of new design ideas and how to improve our customers' experience with the site. So thank you for checking us out and we always appreciate feedback on how to improve our website, design ideas, and any other comments!

Where Our Name Came From:

So, many people ask us how and why we picked 3rd Shift Brain as our store name. Well, the idea came from my wife and her best friend who also works as a 3rd shift RT at her hospital. After working 3-5 nights in a row, 12 hour shifts, their first day off is always a tough transition. Especially because they don't sleep much more than 4 or 5 hours due to them having to try and go to bed and sleep that night. So being very sleep deprived and exhausted on that first day off, naturally they don't want to make any decisions or think very hard about anything.  And they always call it having "3rd Shift Brain". So that's our story!